Mixtape Two

by Pinegrove

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    Here's the track list:

    1. Namesake
    2. V
    3. &
    4. Unison
    5. Problems
    6. Need
    7. Overthrown
    8. Size of the Moon
    9. Need 2
    10. Palisade
    11. The Metronome
    12. Mather Knoll
    13. Over My Shoulder
    14. Peeling Off The Bark
    15. Morningtime
    16. Recycling
    17. Sunday
    18. On Jet Lag
    19. DAYS
    20. The Metronome (demo)
    21. Recycling (demo)

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released May 29, 2014

° ° ° °
Songs by:
Evan Stephens Hall

Performed and Recorded by:

Mixed by:
Nick Levine
Sam Skinner
Zack Mark Levine

Mastered by:

° ° ° °




Pinegrove Montclair, New Jersey

All proceeds will be split evenly between Musicares, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and the Voting Rights Project.

US: Erin Thompson - erint@grandstandhq.com

Alex Cull - alex@braceyourselfpr.com

US booking:

International booking (except North & South America): jamesa@freetradeagency.co.uk & ed@freetradeagency.co.uk
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Track Name: Problems
this is how i spend my life up
singin old songs
what if i waste my life up?
& all my problems
it's so stupid
they're not even problems
it was supposed to snow
& it did for a minute
but there's no distraction now
or we could spend these years up
on the phone
but is that much better?
it was supposed to snow
but it didn't
so there's no excuses now
Track Name: Need
it's a long way
through the cold day
why do i need
besides what i
recoil & lay beside/s
why do i need that
i drank too much
she thinks i think too much
what do i need
that's not a part of me
do i care about my brain
remembering everything?
i remember everything.
Track Name: Overthrown
get out
get on
get overthrown
get out
get on
get overthrown
you lay
you lay
you seize the day
don't you know
i'm seizing slow
Track Name: Size of the Moon
do you wanna dance?
fine. but do you remember when

in your living room

when we made some room & moved ourselves around in it?

it's how my heart resumed.

i got caught/ you got those caravaggio moves

we had some good ideas but we never left that fucking room

do you wanna talk?

fine. i’ll talk it out with my dad

it's always nice what he says

he’ll have some good advice from something in a book he read

if i did what i wanted then why do i feel so bad?

would you like a drink

while we wait for everything

to get good again?

we’re good at things & so are a lot of our friends

we should all be rich & making moves like nancy kerrigan, yea

i dont know what

i’m afraid of

but i’m afraid

one day it all

will fall away

maybe i read that

but still, let’s see

if nothing else it’s an idle curiosity

so would you like that drink?

fine, yea i know. i remember that too

in your living room, right?

when we began to fight but then we both got confused

then we were laughing & crying in awe of the size of the moon

do you want to die?

fine you’re right

but i wonder what it feels like

to stop feelin so alive

what if we could wake up in five years and things’d be feelin alright?

i wanna visit the future and dance in a field of light!
Track Name: Need 2
i'm out
there's nothing here to care about
what's that sound?
what's that song about?
it's nothing worth me sayin aloud
so then why do i seem to
need to?
why do i seem to
need to?

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