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i'm spectral for days on end these days
with thoughts about visiting
so how about my voice rings out for you
& you could tell me what you're doin?
the truth is i lost all track of time
& i wound up wandering
& unravelling fragments all inside
but i rise up aligning

cuz the truth is
i don't know what
but you did it


how long will i wander by your side
how long will i wander?
i wonder if that's what it might feel like
i figured i'd warn ya
i am out of my god damn mind & out to california
follow along the dotted line with
with arcs of our blood

the truth is i
don't know what
i'ma find it


after the drugs have worn off
& we're brittle in the light
would you still be there for me
still do things for me?
soul on the radio
shakin your car around
city to city
montclair & elsewhere
nervous about goin over

its all true
i like you
you move me
but the truth is
i don't know what
i thought i knew it



from Cardinal, released June 12, 2016




Pinegrove Montclair, New Jersey

We're offering Cardinal and the rest of our catalogue up for 'pay what you want' & donating all the proceeds to Southern Poverty Law Center. Please give what you can.

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